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I was born in the village of Mursal in 1950. I completed my primary education at the Primary School of Mursal, and my secondary and university education in Istanbul. I am a graduate of the School of Law of Istanbul University. I am married and I have two children. At present, I am a freelance lawyer in Istanbul.

My goal in establishing this web site was to keep alive the customs, mores, culture and all other features of the village that seem to be forgotten or about to be forgotten, and to introduce our village to our children who were born somewhere else and who have not been able to see life in the village, and to enliven communication among the people of Mursal so as to establish solidarity and cooperation.

This site also aims at introducing -in brief- Mursal and its people to Turkey and to the world. Therefore, it was prepared both in Turkish and in English.

This site is quite new and is being tested. Some errors that may occur in this version will be corrected and new features will be introduced.

I would like to express my gratitude to my son, Nezir Yunusoglu, who has been helping with the preparation and revision of the site.

I hope that all of you who visit my page (from Mursal or not) will have something to say. I would like to hear your ideas to improve the page and to offer you something better.

Thanks and love to everyone who has been here to visit my page.

May 2, 2001

Mustafa Yunusoglu, Lawyer